Jeff Soto

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Jeff Soto is an artist, illustrator and muralist who has exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. The artist’s distinct color palette, subject matter and technique resonate with a growing audience and bridge the gap between Pop Surrealism and graffiti. Inspired by youthful nostalgia, nature, graffiti, hip-hop and popular culture, his bold, representational work is simultaneously accessible and stimulating.

In 2002, Soto graduated with Distinction from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. In 2008, his work was the subject of an exhibition at Riverside Art Museum. Soto was born and raised in Southern California, where he currently resides with his wife and two daughters.

Soto's fine art is represented by Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York City. He is represented by B&A Reps for illustration work.

For further information- Jeff Soto on Wikipedia

Image © Roman Cho & Tatiana Wills


Jeff Soto

Born Fullerton, CA 1975
Resides Riverside, CA


2002 Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA. B.F.A.
1998 Riverside Community College, Riverside, CA. A.A.

Solo Exhibitions

2013 "Fire Within", two person show with Maxx242. Bunsen Goetz Gallery, Nuremberg, Germany
2012 "Decay and Overgrowth", Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York, NY
2010 "Lifecycle", Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York, NY
2009 "The Inland Empire" Stolenspace, London
2008 "Turning in Circles" Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, CA
2007 "Storm Clouds" Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York, NY
2006 "Cold Ice Age" BLK/MRKT Gallery, Culver City, CA
"Supernova" Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York, NY
2004 "Jeff Soto" BLKMRKT Gallery, Culver City, CA
2003 "Complete Domination" OX-OP Gallery. Minneapolis, MN
2001 "Potato Stamp Dreams" New Image Art, Los Angeles, CA

Selected Group Exhibitions

"BDX-LA: Faraway So Close, Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles CA
"Pictoplasma". Berlin, Germany
"Pow Wow" Oahu, Hawaii

RVA Street Art Festival, Richmond, VA
"Sea No Evil"
Riverside, CA
"Space and Form" Breeze Block Gallery, Portland, OR
"Green" Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome

"Les Enfants Terribles". Lyon, France
"HEY". Musee de Halle Saint Pierre, Paris, France
"The Emmergence of the Pop Imagist". Venice, Italy
"On Every Street". Samuel Owen Gallery, Greenwich, CT
"La Luz de Jesus 25". La Luz de Jesus, Los Angeles, CA
"Underbelly". Miami, FL

"Street Smart". Affirmation Arts, New York, NY
"JLG 5 Year Anniversary". Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York, NY
"Fecal Face 10 Year Anniversary show". Luggage Factory Gallery, San Francisco, CA

“Giant Robot Biennale”. Japanese American National Museum, Los Angeles, CA
"Chimera" Curated by David Hunt. SCOPE, Miami, FL
"Primary Flight". South Miami Art Center and mural in Wynwood, Miami FL
“The Whammy Show”. RVCA Gallery, San Francisco, CA
"Self Portraits". Circle Culture Gallery, Berlin, Germany
"The Blab Show". Copro Nason Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
"15 Years of New Image Art". New Image Art, Hollywood, CA

“In the Land of Retinal Delights: The Juxtapoz School”. Laguna Museum of Art, CA
“Fairfax + Haight”. RVCA Gallery, San Francisco, CA
“Robots- Evolution of a Cultural Icon”. San Jose Art Museum, San Jose, CA (traveling)
“Balls Out”. Grass Hut Gallery, Portland, OR
“The Sublime Landscape”. Project4 Gallery, Washington D.C.

"BLK/MRKT at Red Dot". Miami, FL
"Generalized Anxiety Disorder". Walter Maciel Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
"GREEN". Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
"The Beast Within". Showroom, New York, NY
"Those Damn Yanks". Leonard Street Gallery, London.
"Scion Installation 4". Travelling exhibit, various cities.
"Fighting 4 Dreams". 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA
"BMG Artists Annual". BLK/MRKT Gallery, Culver City, CA
"Elevation". Limited Addiction Gallery, Denver, CO
"One Up". Art Prostitute Gallery, Dallas, TX

"Natural and Unnatural: Imagining Landscapes". Hunterdon Museum of Art, Clinton, NJ
"Electric Wasteland: Urban Art from L.A.". Montseratt College of Art, Beverly, MA
"It's All Wood". Renowned Gallery, Portland, OR
“Post-Deux”. GR2, Los Angeles, CA
“Drawn to Expression”. Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA
“The Juxtapoz Show”. SOO Visual Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN
“Typewriters”. Redletter1, Tampa, FL

Mendenhall Gallery, Pasadena, CA
“All Star Hustlaz”. Whitewalls Gallery, San Francisco, CA

"Supercalligraphic”. Fuse Gallery, New York, NY
"Unnatural Selection". Tin Man Alley, Philadelphia, PA
"Spinning Yarn". Riviera gallery, Brooklyn, NY
"Tall Stories". Wignall Museum, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
"The Russian Doll Show". 65 Hope Street, Brooklyn, NY
“Pop Pluralism". Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York, NY

"Three for Fall". La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
"The Hello Show". Tree House Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
"Looking Up. (California)". Ghetto Gloss, Los Angeles, CA
"Subspecies". Recon Gallery, San Francisco, CA
"Sexhibition". 1300 Gallery, Cleveland OH
"Feathered Friends". Motel Gallery. Portland, OR
"Crazy Bastard". New Image Art, Hollywood, CA
"Robots have feelings too". Culture Cache Gallery, San Francisco, CA. (curator)
"Assembly". Front Room Gallery. Brooklyn, NY
"Tres Flores". Compound Gallery. Portland, OR
"Bomb Pop". C-Pop Gallery, Detroit, MI
"Big Bang". OX-OP Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
"Electric Wonderland". Forbidden Gallery, Dallas TX
"Uncommercial Art by Commercial Artists". La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Hollywood, CA
"Sci-Fi/ Western". 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA

"The Giant Electric". New Image Art, Hollywood, CA
"The Uncertainty Principle". Tin Man Alley, Philadelphia, PA
"Long Drive South". Los Angeles, CA
"Namenlosen". Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose, CA
"Gods and Monsters". Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle WA
"Keep A Breast". Art auction at Triple Five Soul Gallery. New York, NY
"Curb Feelers". 1911 Gallery, Fort Wayne, IN
"Superhero". New Image Art, Hollywood, CA
"Four Your Eyes Only". La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Hollywood, CA
"Decipher". Eighth Floor Gallery, New York, NY
New Image Art at the Stockholm Artfair, Sweden.
"Uncommercial Art by Commercial Artists". La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Hollywood, CA
"Bulls Eye". Tin Man Alley, Philadelphia, PA
"LA's Fab Five". Culture Cache, San Francisco, CA

"E=". William Turner Gallery. Venice, CA.
"No Purchase Necessary". RCAA Gallery. Riverside, CA.
"The Society of Illustrators". New York, NY.
"Students and Mentors: An Invitational". Riverside CC Art Gallery. Riverside, CA.
"Paintaholics". New Image Art. Hollywood, CA.
"Eye Candy". 3 Deuces Gallery. Riverside, CA.
"Uncommercial Art by Commercial Artists". La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Hollywood, CA.
"Illustration West 39". California State University Northridge, CA.



2014 Carbon, Melbourne
2013 Pictoplasma Festival, Berlin
2013 University of Hawaii
2013 German American Institute, Nuremberg Germany

2010 ICON 6, Los Angeles, CA
2009 Semi-Permanent Conference, Melbourne, Australia
2009 Riverside Art Museum, CA
2008 Riverside Community College, CA
2006 Montserrat College, Beverly, MA
2006 Parsons School of Design, New York, NY
2006 Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA
2005 California State University Sacramento, CA
Society of illustrators, Los Angeles, CA
Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA
2004 Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA



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